Selasa, 19 April 2011

Sacrifice Love

next Time, there will be no next time.

This is story about loves sacrifice. And this is my experience :). Once upon a time (like fairy tales :p). There was a girl. who still did not understand about love. She has a lot friends. One day, in school, there was a boy. And that boy wants to talking with that girl, about someone he love. And that boy wants to be her friend. He says, "you are, her old friend. can you help me, to closer with her?", and she girl answer, "yes i can." with sure. That girl was thinking many times, coz this boy was weird. Why that boy was weird? That boy never met his love, he just fall in love by SMS. is it weird? yes it is. but love is unexpected arrival.

Minutes change to be an hours, and hours to be a day, and day to be a week. That girl always help this boy, but there is something, there is something annoying her. what is that? she always talking about herself. And finally she found it. She fell annoying coz SHE WAS FALL IN LOVE with that boy. OMG, she confuse, what should she does?

That boy always ask that girl, what should he does to closer with his love, and etc. That boy assume, that his love like a strong wall, the wall can be broken, if he destroye with carefully. And he always telling about his love with that girl. That girl was sick of with his story. she was fed up. But she didnt give up. She always listen that boy. She wants to be a good listener. Although her heart so jeolus and broken. She always give a lot her attention for him. but why?

That girl always hopping, if that boy can look beside the strong wall, there was a fence. that the fance always open it, although the fence was rusty, coz the fence have been waiting for a long time. Yes, that girl hopes, if she can were his girl, she will keep her smile for him. but its just dream. Honestly, she was tired.
One day, in holiday. that girl was hope that boy SMS her, althogh just one word, she happy, really happy.., iam sure. but the reality is, that boy never SMS that girl. Hufft.. :'(

That girl think, she must keep away from that boy, but it makes that boy more closer with her. Why must iam , to be your sacrifice? why i must fall in love with you? it makes my life broken. She thinks like that.

She realized : "i cant to be your friend anymore. iam actually afraid to be your friend coz i will always want more.